One of my favorite projects, Alison Harbaugh and I produced “Midnight Creep” which follows the delta blues inspired Swampcandy during the recording of the album “Midnight Creep”. Part art film, part documentary, this film give you a glimpse inside the crazy world of Swampcandy. Filmed and recorded in barns and bedrooms and stairwells over a few days in Maryland. A Sugar Farm Production.

“The World Needs You” Video loop created for the 2016 Annapolis Fringe Festival.

I am very happy to be a part of Jeff Huntington’s show Accompaniment: paintings by Jeff Huntington, Jeff is a workhorse and a constant inspiration, the man simply does not stop. Neo Dragon loop, which accompanies Jeff’s painting of  “The Dragon Lady”. Trần Lệ Xuân also known as Madam Nhu.

Video clip from “Swampcandy: Midnight Creep”.  Coproduced with Sugarfarm and long time collaborator Ruben Dobbs. Below that is “Aberdeen” from the same three day session in the back country of Maryland.